Your children work hard all year in school, pre-school, etc.  It's summer and time for them to have some fun!!!  Nobody does SUMMER and FUN like the Caterpillar Clubhouse!  Every week is themed and packed full of games, activities, exploration and more all centered around the theme for that week.  Here are some examples of our Summer Themed Weeks at Caterpillar Clubhouse: 


Science / Disney / Star Wars / Movie set Live / Beach / Minion / Carnival


Some of our Themed Weeks like Star Wars and Movie Set Live are truly EPIC and Caterpillar Clubhouse children talk about these experience all summer long!   During Star Wars week kids have a blast as they learn the ways of the Force, give Chewbacca a hug, or come face to face with Darth Vader!  Movie Set Live allows each child to experience a small part of what its like on a movie set!  Our staff of amateur writers, actors, actresses, directors, stunt men/women, lighting, sound and special effects personnel put together a  short story based on some of our favorite movies like Indiana Jones.  The children experience all the drama, action and excitement of movie making as this short story is played out on a live mock movie set! 

Don't hesitate to see our media below to see a sample of why our Summer Program creates a once in a lifetime experience for your child:

star wars week

Movie Set Live