Our Infants and Toddlers program is specifically designed to provide a home-away-from-home experience that nurtures each child and provides them the love they need for healthy growth and development during this critical time of their life.   Our staff are well trained and our facilities are well equipped to provide a safe environment for discovery and interaction with other children, the staff and their surroundings to ensure proper physical, mental, social and emotional development.  

Our staff will work diligently with each parent or guardian to ensure their child's schedule and routine is a vital part of their care throughout the day.  Our staff logs all key events during the day and passes that information on to the parent/guardian at pick-up time so they have a record of the care throughout the day and are better prepared to ensure their child's needs are met at home.  


The TWO year-old program takes off right where the Infants and Toddlers program left off.  This program focuses on developing language and communication skills, enhancing and nurturing creativity and exploration, improving fine and gross motor skills and teaching cooperation and sharing with others in play and learning.  Our staff will use various methods and tools to start introducing the children to shapes, colors, letters, numbers, music etc. Potty training is quite the milestone for our two year olds. Our teachers work closely with the parent and child to help make this an exciting and successful journey.


Our preschool program is purposefully crafted to prepare our children for kindergarten. Our objective is to design a learning atmosphere where social, emotional and academic development is encouraged. Our teachers work hard to provide a variety of learning opportunities to make learning enjoyable to the various personalities and learning styles. Our program begins each day with group worship where children actively participate in songs of praise and worship followed by a short Bible lesson.  During our class time, students participate in calendar time, large group activities and small groups.

            Calendar time is a ten to fifteen minute period to review letters, shapes, colors, math concepts and weekly themes. Children practice listening skills and communication skills with the teacher and their peers. Routines are established helping the children know what to expect and allowing them to be active participants as leaders in the classroom.

            Other large group activities include thematic exploration, reading journeys, and teacher led games. Children are encouraged to ask questions, express opinions and share ideas.  Showing respect by listening to others and responding appropriately by raising a hand or other designated signals help the child learn important social skills necessary for a school environment.        

            Small group activities allow the teachers to focus on the individual child, encouraging and strengthening them in their academic development. This time is important to develop handwriting, scissor and glue skills as well as completing assignments and giving their best effort.

            Learning centers are an important part of each classroom.  Reading center, block, housekeeping, dramatic play and other learning centers encourage free exploration and give opportunity to practice social skills such as sharing, communicating and problem solving.


         Caterpillar Clubhouse provides a before and after school program for children in pre-k through 12 years old. After school when kids arrive at our centers they will receive a snack before they play games indoors or in our fenced in playground area outdoors.  A homework room is also provided for those who wish to get a head start.       

         No worries! When school is closed for weather or teacher work days, Caterpillar Clubhouse is open and ready to provide a great day for your school age children. Activities include games, crafts, reading, songs and dance as well as a spacious gym for release of all that energy. For special occasions, our very own LASER TAG and large PLAYLAND is always a hit!